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Burkina is one of the least developed countries in Africa and in the world, according to the 2016 UNDP African Human Development Report. Among the main causes of this underdevelopment, the lack of boom in the agriculture and livestock sector, which is the basis of the country’s economy. Although the sector employs about 85% of the population, it contributes only 34% of Gross Domestic Product. This situation is a real obstacle to the development of the country as a whole and particularly and especially affects certain groups more or less vulnerable that are women and youth (88% of the national population) who are unemployed. Migration flows (internally and externally), particularly of young people in search of a better life, are a remarkable consequence of the failure of the current systems and an aggravating factor of an already very precarious situation. The rural localities are thus neglected for the benefit of the cities and especially of the capital (important rural exodus) thus exacerbating the already strong pressure on the social services, the infrastructures as well as the various means of subsistence in these environments. In addition, the country is draining of its workforce, supposed to create wealth. In 2006, there was already a negative migratory balance for Burkina Faso.
It is against this gloomy picture that the RAVI Foundation was brought to the baptismal font. Its ultimate goal is to make these communities attractive, livable and enjoyable, in order to restore the taste of life to these thousands of young and idle and desperate women.



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